j_cha_ya (j_cha_ya) wrote in j_chaya,

Group buying members!!

I am going to start wholesale distribution business soon.

Now I will recuriting 'Group buying members(joint purchaser) for some Japanese cute items (including bento-boxes) .

I am going to introduce some items here after 10th Aug.
If you want  to buy them (or some of them),  I will be able to buy in them from maker(s) directly.

I think I'll be able to provide the items with more reasonable price that  you can buy them at stores in Japan!

**Notice 1**

Some items need to be ordered more than 6 (for example), and if there is only 3 people want to buy them,
we cannot provide the items to people. (sorry but please understand it.)

**Notice 2**

Only J-CHA-YA members can be joint purchaser.

Tags: sales
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