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Drug Epidemic

This is an old news a bit and you have already known this news;

Japanese young actor and Rock singer 'Manabu Oshio' (押尾 学) and
fmoumous singer 'Noriko Sakai' (酒井法子) were arrested on use of stimulants.
(They were arrested separately)

Who is Manabu Oshio? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manabu_Oshio (From Wikii page)

Noriko Sakai is now late 30s, but she was(is) famous idol singer when she was young.
Still she was known as 'pure and innocent' !!

Please see the picture of this page.

She is really cute, isn't she?

These years (3-4 yrs or more), she was suspected of abusing drug.
She's seen at clubs with trance music (for example in Roppongi and Ariake) 
and at rave parties in Japan (also overseas).
It was famous she's been using drug.


The DJ girl is her, Noriko.S.
She seems to be excited and happy with using drug.
You will be surprised when you know the girl (DJ) is the same person of the pic on this page.

She told that her husband gave drugs at first. But  she's used Cocaine,  LSD, Ketamine, Ritalin, 
MDMA and hemp too.
Probably she's abused drug more than her husband for the recent years.

Now we are interested if  police is serious to take an investigation.
There are many singers/actors who are suspected.  Maybe your favorite singers, artists and
actors(and acrtresses) are included of suspected list.

This may not be so surprised thing and it may be same as your countries.

Her famous song:  碧い兎(Aoi Usagi) blue rabbit

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