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Inportant Info about Arashi Concerts

If you are interested in getting tickets to Arashi's concerts this year please read this post!

Johnny's is cracking down on scalped ticket sales, starting with the Kokuritsu concerts.

Please read this post at one of the Arashi communities for a long explaination. If you read the discussion in the comments, you will learn even more.

Fanclub members who got Kokuritsu tickets are being asked to register their ticket numbers online and fill out information about the people they are bringing with them if they got multiple tickets.

Many people who sell tickets through ticket.co.jp or yahoo! auctions edit the photo to blur out details like their name and the seat number. But most people forget to block out the ticket serial number. This year, the fanclub has grown so huge that it is very difficult for fanclub members to get tickets, and many are angry that tickets are being sold on auctions (please understand that fanclub members must pay 4000yen a year to maintain membership, and some have been fans for many many years). So some fans are reporting the auctions to Johnny's, and Johnny's is looking. Some fans who did not get tickets when they balloted are reporting that Johnny's has already contacted them and promised seats sold on auctions. I am not sure if this is true, but regardless -

Please be very careful about buying Arashi tickets from Yahoo!Auctions and ticket.co.jp.

The possibility of ID checking or kicking people out of seats is much higher this year. These announcements have only been made about the Kokuritsu concerts, but may apply to the Dome concerts as well. It's possible that Johnny's will not be able to check ID or remove most illegal ticket holders because there are too many people, but they are making a much larger threat this year.

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