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Let's Talk About Japan
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26th-Nov-2009 04:52 pm - Help: Onyx Beads from Darts store
I've had many request for 'Onyx Beads' bracelets from Darts Store.


I've ever heard you (overseas people) can order the items via online store.
But I've heard that the store's reply is very late, or someone didn't receive reply.
I've heard this story one year ago, so I hope they've improved it.

Compared to last year, their delivery (from Darts Online store to i-TM4U) has become quick.
This is good thing.

Now this story is for ppl who are going to order Onyx Beads from Darts store directly and
thorough i-TM4U.

You have to inform your birth Year when you order Onyx Beads.
Because you can choose Oriental Zodiac mark for your order.

I think most of you have already known about Oriental Zodiac.
The animals are: the rat, ox, tiger, hare, dragon, serpent, horse, sheep, monkey, rooster, dog and boar.

To know which zodiac, please check this page.

For example, if you were born in 1984, your oriental zodiac is mouse.
So you can choose mouse=子 from the pull-down menu when you order onyx beads

Then onyx beads shows this zodiac by 梵字(Bonji)

What is Bonji? (please read this page)

See them! Bonji is like these....http://www.horigin.com/bonji/bonji.html

If you were born in 1984, your zodiac is mouse, and the bonji is KELEAK(キリーク)

If you have ordered Onyx Beads, you will see the chacacter on the box of Onyx Beads.

Onyx Beads has 5 kind of Bonjis,

キリーク ( Kiriiku/Japanese writing and pronounciation )
タラーク ( Taraaku/Japanese writing and pronounciation )
アン ( An/Japanese writing and pronounciation )
バン ( Ban/Japanese writing and pronounciation )
マン ( Man/Japanese writing and pronounciation )

I am happy if it helps you something, and I am sorry if you have already known it.
23rd-Sep-2009 10:35 pm - JAL is going to take off 50 routes
 JAL (JAPAN Airlines Corp)  slumping business is going to take off 50 routes on the below;

-International flights-

by  end of 2009


Narita -Tsingtao / Narita -Hangzhou / Narita-Amoy  (China)

Kankuu (Kansaikokusai airport) - London
Kankuu - Hanoi 
Kankuu - Singapore
Kankuu - Dailan / Kankuu -Hangzhou  
Kankuu - Inchon / Kankuu- Busan

Chuubu Kokusai  airport - Paris
Chuubu Koksuai  - Busan


Narita -Amsterdam
Narita - Rome
Narita - Brisbane



Natira -San Paulo
Narita - Gaoxiong

Kankuu - Denpasar (Indonesica)
Kankuu - Bangkok

Chuubu -Bangkok

Of course, we have ANA (All Nippon Airlines) in Japan and they have no plan to abaondon routes like JAL.
But we'll be inconvenien by JAL's decision.

-Domestic flights-


















21st-Sep-2009 02:37 am - Kureyon Shinchan's author died

Yoshito Usui (臼井義人), author of 'Kureyon Shinchan (クレヨンしんちゃん) had missing for 9 days was found dead at Mt.Arafune-yama (荒船山) on 20th.

He left home for climbing Mt.Arafune-yama 11th morning. He didn't return home hte day and his family asked  the police to search for him on 12th.

Yoshito Usui was one of  famous manga artists and his best known work ' Nureyev Shinchan' is famous among many countries.

May his soul rest in peace.

Kureyon Shinchan


Kureyon Shinchan official site : www.futabasha.com/sinchan
21st-Aug-2009 05:07 pm - Cute Stationery
I am going to renew my online store 'Otometick' (http://otometick.ocnk.net/ ) soon.
I have bought in some cute items for the store, but I would like to present some of them to you!

The original price is the price that we can buy in Japan.
But this time, I will discount 10%!

If you are interested, please contact : kaoru at i-tm4u.biz.
I am going to introduce some cute items and sell them with discount sometime.
Please check here 'J-CHA-YA' sometime!

Pen Case : 609 YEN --> 548 YEN (6 USD) For the first 2 people!

2 tapes set -heart dot : 399 YEN --> 360 YEN (4USD) Not one tape! 2 tapes! For the first 3 people!

2 tapes set -butterfly : 399 YEN --> 360 YEN (4USD) Not one tape! 2 tapes! For the first 3 people!

Picture Frame - Pinky Poodle

Picture Frame - Skull Queen

Picture Frame - Lace dot

ALL picture frames : 714 YEN --> 643 YEN ( 7 USD) For the first 1 people!

Again, If you are interested, please contact : kaoru at i-tm4u.biz.
I am going to introduce some cute items and sell them with discount sometime.
Please check here 'J-CHA-YA' sometime!

19th-Aug-2009 02:03 pm - Inportant Info about Arashi Concerts
Arashi: Popcorn
If you are interested in getting tickets to Arashi's concerts this year please read this post!

Johnny's Crackdown on Ticket ScalpingCollapse )

Have you heard of 'Nico Nico Douga'(ニコニコ動画)?

It  is a famous and popular video sharing website in Japan.
Its nickname is "Nico-dō" (or Niconico). "Nikoniko" is the Japanese ideophone for smiling.

You need registration to vew and share video clips and upload videos.

Unlike other video sharing sites, however, comments are overlaid directly onto the video,
synced to a specific playback time.
This allows comments to respond directly to events occurring in the video, in sync with the viewer
- creating a sense of a shared watching experience.

Nico Nico Douga's atmosphere is close to 2channel's (Channel 2) or Futaba Channel's, and
many popular videos have otaku tastes, such as anime, computer game and pop music.

Nico Nico Douga offers tagging of videos. Tags may be edited by any user, not just the uploader.
Each video may have up to ten tags, of which up to five may be optionally locked by the uploader,
but all others may be edited by any user.
Frequently these tags are used not only as categorization, but also as critical commentary, satire,
or other humor related to the video's content.
(From Wikki)

You can make registration  here;

NicoNico Douga registration

Enjoy video Clips!

*If you need explanation for registration in English, please post comment.

(I will explain it later.)

This is parody song of 'Aoi Usagi (碧いウサギ)’ by Noriko Sakai who was arrested on use of stimulants.
This song is used by HATSUNE MIKU

If you have ID of ニコニコ動画(Nikoniko douga), I recommend you see the movie there.

ニコ動(ニコニコ動画) http://www.nicovideo.jp/

Shiroi Kusuri on NikoNiko douga : http://www.nicovideo.jp/watch/sm7898383

12th-Aug-2009 08:38 pm - Drug Epidemic
This is an old news a bit and you have already known this news;

Japanese young actor and Rock singer 'Manabu Oshio' (押尾 学) and
fmoumous singer 'Noriko Sakai' (酒井法子) were arrested on use of stimulants.
(They were arrested separately)

Who is Manabu Oshio? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manabu_Oshio (From Wikii page)

Noriko Sakai is now late 30s, but she was(is) famous idol singer when she was young.
Still she was known as 'pure and innocent' !!

Please see the picture of this page.

She is really cute, isn't she?

These years (3-4 yrs or more), she was suspected of abusing drug.
She's seen at clubs with trance music (for example in Roppongi and Ariake) 
and at rave parties in Japan (also overseas).
It was famous she's been using drug.


The DJ girl is her, Noriko.S.
She seems to be excited and happy with using drug.
You will be surprised when you know the girl (DJ) is the same person of the pic on this page.

She told that her husband gave drugs at first. But  she's used Cocaine,  LSD, Ketamine, Ritalin, 
MDMA and hemp too.
Probably she's abused drug more than her husband for the recent years.

Now we are interested if  police is serious to take an investigation.
There are many singers/actors who are suspected.  Maybe your favorite singers, artists and
actors(and acrtresses) are included of suspected list.

This may not be so surprised thing and it may be same as your countries.

Her famous song:  碧い兎(Aoi Usagi) blue rabbit

8th-Aug-2009 07:39 pm - Group buying members!!
I am going to start wholesale distribution business soon.

Now I will recuriting 'Group buying members(joint purchaser) for some Japanese cute items (including bento-boxes) .

I am going to introduce some items here after 10th Aug.
If you want  to buy them (or some of them),  I will be able to buy in them from maker(s) directly.

I think I'll be able to provide the items with more reasonable price that  you can buy them at stores in Japan!

**Notice 1**

Some items need to be ordered more than 6 (for example), and if there is only 3 people want to buy them,
we cannot provide the items to people. (sorry but please understand it.)

**Notice 2**

Only J-CHA-YA members can be joint purchaser.

The World Cosplay Summit (WCS) 2009 was hold on 1st and 2nd Aug in Aichi, Japan.

WCS, is an annual international cosplay event that promotes friendly international exchange through Japanese pop culture.
The event is hosted by TV Aichi and held in Nagoya, Japan.

WCS 2009 Website

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